Prehistoric EC - Black Pearls: Words & Music of Twin Peaks

January 19, 2017

Before Eclectic City was a monthly publication a podcast was created celebrating the words and musci of the quirky, weird and influential 90's televison series Twin Peaks.

It started as a fun project, something that was created from sound bytes and music gathered from collections that were available online not long after the internet "became a thing". These files were taken from the tv series and the prequel "Fire Walk With Me". Of course, the majority of the music here was written by Angelo Badalamenti. But songs like "The Pink Room" were purely David Lynch creations. The podcast also includes remixes and alternate versions that some folks may remember.  And then there's Julee Cruise's vocals... Uff!

The order of the songs, their specific arrangement with the dialogue, was something that worked out over a period of months, trying to arrive at some semblance of a chronological or "lynch-ological" order that made the sense. I think in the end, I got it right.

As seemed appropriate, the podcast begins with Agent Cooper, steadfast and in his boy-scout mission to find Laura Palmer's murderer. We openly cheer his fearless dedication, as we fear for his soul. Twin Peaks reveals its secrets, layer by disturbing layer. Before too long fear becomes something both abstract and concrete.

And its name is "Bob".

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I've enjoyed making it. I'm still not tired.


Eclectic City #63 - Halloween Hits and Other Scary Boo-boos

October 30, 2014

This is a special 3-hour podcast featuring the best scary music of the past Eclectic City episodes, including three previous Halloween-themed editions (EC#3, EC#32, and EC#48). It published on October 30th, 2014.


  • NIN - I'm Afraid of Americans - (live, David Bowie cover, Toronto, 2009)
  • Depeche Mode - Waiting for the Night - (Erwin Pemplefort rmx)
  • Band of Skulls - Close to Nowhere
  • Elbow - Running to Stand Still - (U2 cover)


  • Los Straightjackets - The Munsters Theme
  • The Ramones - Pet Sematary
  • Screaming Lord Sutch - She's Falling in Love With a Monster Man
  • Lee Kristofferson - Night of the Werewolf
  • Karibe - Frankenstein - (DJ Boligog Shake-a-ton mix)


  • Henry Mancini - Experiment in Terror
  • Nouvelle Vague - Bela Lugosi's Dead - (Bauhaus cover)
  • Air - Empty House
  • Sinead O'Connor - I am Stretched Our on Your Grave


  • Radical Fire - Haunted
  • Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside
  • Harri Lake - This Voiceless Cry
  • Poe - Haunted
  • Sarah McLachlan - Possessed - (piano version)


  • Cola tron - I'll be There in Twin Peaks - (Mashed in Plastic mashup)
  • Easy All Stars - Thrillah
  • Michael Jackson - Ghosts - (Mousse T's Radio Rock Singalong rmx)


  • The Doors - Five to One
  • Anomie Belle - How Can I Be Sure
  • Sixth Finger - Paint It Black - (Rolling Stones cover)
  • Cass McCombs - Dream Come True Girl


  • Console - Homeless Ghost
  • Massive Attack - Paradise Circus - (Gui Boratto rmx)
  • The Doors - Riders on the Storm - (Ibizarre rmx)
  • Ray Manzurak - The Crystal Ship - (piano version)


  • Low - Half Light - (Tomanandy rmx)
  • North Mississippi Allstars - New Orleans Walking Dead
  • Hoodoo Gurus - Dig It Up - (live, Sydney Australia, 1983)
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Over at the Frankenstein Place
  • Robin Slouteris - The Moonlight Hotel - (mashup)
  • Louis Armstrong and the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra - The Skeleton in the Closet
  • Moby - In This World
  • Viz Mizzy - The Haunted Organ Theme

Eclectic City 48 - The Halloween Show III

November 3, 2012

This is a special Halloween podcast of eclectic music that published on October 31st, 2012.

Please visit  Eclectic City's Youtube channel to see the videos for this playlist, as well as supplementary tv, movie, comedy, news and radio clips.


  • The Ramones - Pet Sematary
  • Hoodoo Gurus - Dig It up - (live, Sydney Australia, 1983)
  • Heartless Bastards - Searching for the Ghost
  • The Outlaws - (Ghost) Rider in the Sky


  • Los Straightjackets - The Munsters Theme
  • Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages - She's Falling in Love with a Monster Man
  • Karibe (ft. Twisted America - Frankenstein - (DJ Boligogo's Shake-a-ton remix)


  • Colatron - I'll Be There in Twin Peaks - (Michael Jackson, Angelo Badalamenti mashup)
  • Easy All Stars - Thriller - (Michael Jackson cover)
  • Michael Jackson - Ghosts - (Mousse T's Radio Rock Singalong Remix)


  • Queen Latifah - I Put a Spell on You
  • Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before - (Astor Piazolla Libertango remix)
  • Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl


  • Hugo - 99 Problems
  • Lush - Undertow - (Spooky Remix)
  • Laika - Black Cat Bone


  • Verne Langdon - Opening Fanfare
  • Choc Electrique - Join the Show
  • Vic Mazzy - The Haunted Organ
  • Louis Armstrong and Jimmy Dorsey - The Skeleton in the Closet
  • Moby - In This World
  • The Church - Under the Milky Way Tonight - (acoustic)


  • Dracula - Children of the night
  • The Wolf Man (1941) - Part 2 of 7
  • Frankenstein - You shall have your proof
  • Twin Peaks - The Birds Sing a Pretty Song (tv clip)
  • Fatal Attraction (6/8) Movie
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes - (movie clip)
  • The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966) Part 2
  • Donnie Darko - Psychiatrist Scene, Roberta Sparrow

Black Pearls: The Words and Music of Twin Peaks

February 10, 2012


This is a podcast of a collection I created a few years ago out of admiration for David Lynch's Twin Peaks. The files were culled from the soundtracks from the tv series and the prequel Fire Walk With Me. The majority of the music here was written by Angelo Badalamenti. But some songs, like The Pink Room,  were collaborations with David Lynch. There are also remixes, and alternate versions of songs here. And then there's Julee Cruise's...

The specific arrangement of music and dialogue, was something I worked out over a period of months. I don't know if it's possible to put anything in the correct chronological order when it comes to a David Lynch creation,  I in the end, I pulled this off.

Who knows? I think I'll take another crack at this, now that I've develeoped some actual sound-mixing skills.

I originally published this in three sorter podcasts in 2010. They were published with the following subtitles and notes.

Part 1: “Diane I’ve just arrived in Twin Peaks”

Part 2: “Damn Good Coffee…and HOT!”

Part 3: “I love you Sheriff Truman”

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I've enjoyed making it. I'm not tired of it yet.

I have hi-resolution printable artwork available for front, back and inside covers with a specific track list and photo collage, for anyone who is interested. Or I might just make it available as a CD already packaged for those willing to pay a minimal shipping & production cost.